obs streaming lags

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    1920x1080 fps lag

    hello there I'm new here , I'm having trouble with a streaming pc. When I stream at 1080 60fps the stream lags but obs studio won't mark any dropped frames or anything like that... I stream at 4,000 as bitrate and it lags even on 2,000 I play warzone on my gaming pc and even with roblox at...
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    Question / Help Ingame freeze

    The problem concerns only for CS:GO. When im streaming the game on max quality I don't have a smooth image in game. Monitor 144 hz and it feels like 60hz, Because when i starting to stream , var in csgo rising up to 1-1.5 thats why i see ingame freezes. PC specs: i7-8700, RTX 2070, memory 16gb
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    Question / Help Bitrate drop while playing Rainbow Six Siege

    I just got a new PC currently has 8GB of ram, an Intel Xeon X3430 4 core CPU clocked at 2.40 GHz and an AMD Radeon R9 270 running Windows 10. When I am attempting to stream the game, everything will work fine on the main menus, settings menu and when queuing. When I go running either a benchmark...
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    Question / Help OBS Recording works fine but live streaming lags like hell

    Hello, I am new here. Actually I have a gaming Youtube Channel and Facebook page. When I tries to Play an Online game (Apex legends, PUBG etc) and tries to Live stream those on my channel or fb wall it lags a lot. I have lost 50-100 subscribers for this laggy stream. I will be really greatfull...