obs sound issue

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    Poor sound quality for DJ streams - Please help!

    Hi Streamers. I am finding my sound quality is nowhere near where it should be. I am using OBS through my MacBook Pro connected with iRig to my Denon Prime 4 - any advice appreciated!!! To note: I've got my levels on the mixer set pretty high, and my master seems on the high end - but it's too...
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    sound cutting out from capture card

    i'm using an elgato hd60s+ capture card, everything works for a couple of minutes and then the audio from the capture card cuts out completely. if i close OBS and reopen it, the audio is back for a few minutes again but then cuts off and the cycle continues. what can i do? i have restarted...
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    Hollowness sound in recording/streaming

    Issue: Hollowness in sound occurring during recording and streaming. Setup: running sound from a 24 channel analog mixer into a computer and obs. Sound quality is good into the computer. Hollowness is occurring when converting to live cast and recording. Have tested the input using monitor and...