obs recording

  1. Guardian.s

    OBS Split Recording

    Yeah, I know it's already a thing within the Advance settings. However, for whatever reason, I can never figure out why my videos come out super blocky, but the moment I switched to "Simplified," my videos became super clear. Regarding my suggestion, could you guys add the split recording thing...
  2. A

    Adjust Windows taskbar recording

    Hello! Some time ago, I did some settings that I did OBS record part of my screen so the Windows taskbar is not caught. But when it is recording now, instead of having a recording without the taskbar, in the place of the taskbar I just have a black part (please see first screenshot). I have...
  3. B

    OBS records Dark (have tried all options)

    Hi guys I have a record problem. When i start recording the recording is dark like there is a filter layer on top. Now the weird part is as soon as i touch my mouse it flickers from dark to light really fast untill i stop moving the mouse. Its like when you hover over something (in a...
  4. N

    Discord voice chat sounds weird in OBS recording.

    Discord voice chat sounds crystal clear through my headset, but when I watch a video I recorded with OBS, my friends all sound echoey. It's the same after I separated my discord, game, and my mic audios. It's got to be something in the settings. Maybe mismatching audio bitrates between discord...
  5. H

    Question/Help My OBS recording looks bright and grainy/sharpened

  6. J

    Washed out OBS recordings

    Hey recently I tried to record my sekiro gameplays using obs. I opened the game, then I minimized sekiro and then I launched obs. In the preview window of obs everything looks perfect(the game was minimized), the colours were normal. But when I maximize the game, the game looks fine but the...