obs crashes

  1. R

    Why does OBS 29 keep not responding after opening it?

    Am I the only one having this problem? My OBS Studio keeps not responding after I open it, even if it responds, after a while it becomes the same issue obs not responding. Does this issue have to do with stream elements not supporting OBS 29 or am I missing something? This keeps happening to me...
  2. D

    OBS crashes everytime I close it! Here are the log files. Thank you!

    OBS crashes everytime I close it! Here are the log files. Thank you!
  3. HershTV


    Been having OBS crashing issues which started about a month ago, I have pasted logs below if someone can help or knows why. This would be a big help, I'm tired of my stream crashing once a day!
  4. L

    OBS crashes while launching on Windows 11

    Unhandled exception: e06d7363 Date/Time: 2022-03-20, 17:33:15 Fault address: 7FFD8BFA478C (c:\windows\system32\kernelbase.dll) libobs version: 27.2.0 (64-bit) Windows version: 10.0 build 22000 (release: 2009; revision: 493; 64-bit) CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz I used to...
  5. Reimundzin

    Obs opens and closes instantly

    I don't know why but when i try to open my obs, it closes instantly, I use PopOS an when I'm new on linux, and when i try on terminal i get this Attempted path: share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini Attempted path: /usr/share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini Attempted path...
  6. D

    Question / Help OBS CRASHES

    win7 obs 24.0.4 ndi plugin installed and verified with tools installed. now obs opens then crashes! i need a little help here. is my laptop win 7 to old? or is there a fix somewhere to help. i have multiple scenes set up and would hate to start all over again. thanks for your help
  7. I

    Question / Help NEED HELP

    I've used OBS to always stream, then 3 months ago OBS randomly kept crashing and never even let me reopen it again. When I restart my PC, it opens up and it says that it has sent the crash report to the clipboard. I downloaded Streamlabs OBS to see if it wouldn't crash, and everything was going...
  8. D

    Question / Help Constant issues with encoder errors/crashes

    I've been trying to get back into streaming with my buddies and have been having nothing but headaches with many different crashes and issues. System Specs: Windows 10 Pro I7 8086k @ 5ghz all cores 16 GB DDR3400 2x 1070ti in SLI 970 Evo 1gb NV.ME drive I've been trying to go through the many...
  9. Mathieu Baillargeon

    Question / Help My OBS crashes around 10 minutes into streaming.

    Hey i've had this problem where after starting to stream obs suddenly crashes and it does that with all the games. I do not have any fps lags on the game and my connexion seems fine. Anyone have any idea how to fix this ?
  10. N

    Bug Report OBS CRASHES!!! When the game main screen closes. HELP PLEASE!!! Developerss!! T-T

    Hi, im trying to stream League Of Legends, I play on a Mac. While im streaming the game client it's everything awesome, as soon as the game main screen open ( that I have to record using the Syphon Inject because Obs don't recognize the game main screen ) when I Command + Tab it crashes, or when...