obs 28.0.2

  1. Snyper X

    Alerts have a black background.

    I am posting here as I have been unable to find any video help on the issue I am having. The image above is a screenshot of my OBS 28.0.2 with my browser source alert ( I use StreamLabs Dashboard) active. I rendered the file out as a .mov from After Effects, I then went to convertio.co (a...
  2. polymathical

    OBS Browser Source Docks Go into Not Responding and Crash OBS

    I assume it could be that I am on version 28 and some of the plugins I updated are still in beta state, but I am trying to use browser docks primarily in OBS and if one of them crashes I have to shut down OBS entirely and if I'm streaming that clearly is a hassle. Either I give up using them for...
  3. H

    Help: Pro Presenter NDI not compatible with OBS Studio 28.0.2

    Hey guys, Do you anyone of you have a fixed regarding connecting Pro Presenter NDI to the new OBS Studio 28.0.2 because it seems like its not communicating to each other? Here is my setup: My camera plugs to Blackmagic Atem Mini which is compatible with the new version of OBS 28.0.2 but it...
  4. LordAdrøx

    OBS is stuck at 15-19 FPS

    OBS is stuck at 15-19 FPS even when I have nothing but OBS running it still shows my FPS at 17 and no settings I change seem to do anything. I even set all OBS settings to the lowest the could possibly go and I still had about 15 FPS and it changed nothing. I have been able to use OBS in the...