obs 27.2

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    OBS works just fine, but always crashes when I close it.

    I've downgraded from OBS 28 to 27, checked all my plugins and logs, and I still can't figure out why OBS crashes every time I close it. Sometimes my CPU usage is through the roof when I stream, and sometimes it isn't. I'm hoping these two things are linked, somehow. I'm running OBS on a gaming...
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    Razer Ripsaw & OBS Doubled Audio Help

    Okay this has probably come up before, but I have been having this issue for a while and I'm almost ready to launch this stupid brick at the wall. I have the latest update of obs, razer etc. I have set the audio properties to monitor & output but the audio is blasting through both the razer...
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    OBS crashes at start-up after update (log file attached)

    I've updated OBS to the newest version, but it keeps crashing when I launch it (even in admin mode) Already tried the following things: Deleted StreamFX and other plugins Reinstalled OBS Updated NVIDIA drivers (clean reinstall) Updated other drivers and BIOS Not too familiar with reading log...
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    I updated my OBS to 27.2.1 now it wont load

    Can Someone please help I notice a lot of people are having issues with this last update. I updated my OBS to the 27.2.1 and it wont load and crashes on start up. If I Re install the old version it works fine. I'm just trying to get this fixed please help!!!!
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    Twitch live after 28th of Febraury

    According with you communication on Twitter, Starting from the end of February, It won't be impossible to use Obs to go live on Twitch, unless we use the latest version 27.2 . The latest update is giving me a lot of problems (and I'm not the only one) . What can we do in order to keep using...