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    My stream would show up on my Facebook Page despite having clicked on 'Start Streaming'

    I'm having the worst time trying to find a solution that I can apply to this ongoing issue. I have never had any experience with OBS and recently decided to give it a shot to stream to Facebook, but unfortunately, despite having checked and re-checked all the settings multiple times and...
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    Question / Help While recording I keep experiencing frame drops. Is a setting I have involved?

    I was recording a game and my frames started dropping about 10 minutes in and the fluctuated between 30-49 FPS for a while. My CPU was running no higher then 15% at peak. The game ran flawless on my end so any help with the settings that may be a problem would be greatly appreciated.
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    Question / Help OBS massive FPS drops, without even streaming!

    Hey guys, my problem is that whenever I have OBS Studio open in the background, (I'm not even streaming!) i got massive FPS drops in all my games. Thats so strange! Weeks ago I was able to stream perfectly in 720p60fps with 5500 Bitrate and stable FPS! Here are my Specs: i7 8700K GTX 1080...