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    Recording not working on lower fps settings on new pc & monitor

    Hi I had OBS set up on my old PC to record at 0.5fps for a timelapse. I copied the settings profile over to the new PC and when I record it creates a file (mkv) that is always around 730 bytes large and obviously doesn't play. If i put the framerate up I sometimes get the expected video output...
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    Question / Help No audio on stream or recording, only on monitor

    Hey! So, this issue is really weird, and every solution I've found so far hasn't fixed the issue. I can hear the audio locally when I am monitoring ("monitor and output") the sound - regardless of source. I have an audio file, two NDI sources (Skype), desktop audio, and a microphone. All of...
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    Question / Help When I open obs, my output is black.

    I tried to change compatibility. But I still can't find out how to make it capture my screen? The compatibility thing worked until now. Sometimes it never had to be done. But this time I can't figure out why.