no audio output

  1. imvijaygir

    Mic shows in mixer but does not record audio

    Whenever I create a new profile this is happening to me. I have a fifine condensor mic. Audio is coming fine in the monitor mode and the mixer also shows that OBS is getting sound input but the audio is missing in the output file. Using mkv, tried mp4 as well. removed the mic from sources, and...
  2. MurdoMaclachlan

    No audio track in output recording (Slackware Current)

    Kind of as the title says. Recording/streaming with OBS 26.1.1 on Slackware Current, the audio in the mixer shows like it's working and I can monitor it and everything, but in the output file there is no audio, and when I imported it into a video editor, it shows I don't just have silent audio...