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    I have started to crash every stream at least once with nothing I do differently... sometimes it is when I close Helldivers 2, sometimes when I click over to look at Discord... everything I know that could affect it has been updated. I have also had it crash once with Nvidia Broadcast but...
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    OBS push to talk work sometimes

    Hi, I have a problem that when I am in the game and I have the button speaking set, it works sometimes, most often it did not work when I performed some actions such as: in Dead by Daylight when running, making a generator. I have no idea why this is happening before, everything worked as it...
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    For some reason I'm only able to stream in 720p to Twitch

    Since monday I have the issue that OBS doesn't let me stream on 900/1080p and I also can only select 720p as highest resolution on my twitch stream. First I thought it was because of the new update so I downgraded from Version 28.0.01 to Version 27.2.4 but my stream's highest resolution was...
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    OBS causes game to crash after latest update

    Hi, I'm not tech-savvy, so I might not be able to provide much info, but basically - since the last OBS update, I can no longer open Star Stable Online with OBS open. It doesn't matter if I have an active recording going or not; it crashes anyways. I thought it was because I had recently changed...
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    Question / Help Crashes with New OBS 25 Update!

    My podcast is how I make a living so I REALLY need some help. OBS ran fantastic before the most recent update, but now (with my settings exactly the same) after updating to 25 we constantly crash. We stream to YouTube and we went down 6 times yesterday! OBS completely freezes up and I have to...