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  1. V

    New to OBS, and OBS keeps crashing!

    So I've been having a hard time trying to figure out how to set everything up and I've slowly started to get the hang of it, that is until OBS decided to either crash/freeze whenever I stop recording and also keep recording even though I've stopped recording a.k.a. "stopping recoding". Here's...
  2. M

    Randomly stops recording, doesnt save.

    I'm new to OBS and have had this problem every time I've tried to record with it. I will hit record, check that it's capturing my game (ts4) and then play the game. After playing for a couple of hours, I come back, and it's not recording, there's no indication of why it stopped or when, and the...
  3. R

    "Failed to open NVENC codec: Function not implented" issue, pls help

    hi im not a massive cmputer guy so i have no clue what is happening. im trying to record my screen for a school project, however, when i give it a scene to record and press start recording it says "Failed to open NVENC codec: Function not implented: make sure your drivers are up to date." i have...
  4. R

    New To Recording/Editing Need Help With OBS

    Im pretty new to recording gameplay, last time I did I used fraps back in the late 2000's so OBS is quite new. I was recording gameplay for Mount & Blade Bannerlord but ran into issues in recording early on. I noticed that when playing it back in the media player it was choppy and laggy, however...
  5. S

    Question / Help No audio at all

    So I’m new to streaming, I am using an Xbox for gaming with a Razer ripsaw as my capture device and have obs studios running for streaming, I’m not able to get game audio or headset/mic and party audio (astro a40 pro with mixer) into obs but I’m able to hear through headset, if more info is...
  6. R

    Question / Help "Make sure your drivers are updated" error

    Hi, i just bought a brand new pc with a gtx 1050ti 4gb graphic card. i wanted to test recording with it but sadly theres an message popping of on my screen to try to update my drives when they are 100% updated. This is the log of the last error message:
  7. SirCandle

    Question / Help Issues Capturing 4:3 Windows

    I'm trying to set up OBS for some retro streaming and it won't properly capture any 4:3 windows. No matter what I do, I can't resize the display to get rid of those black bars around the sides. FCUEX, Kega Fusion, Turbo Engine 16, and Cave Story all have this problem, but for whatever reason...
  8. J

    Question / Help Lag

    When playing, I like to have high frames to keep up with my refresh rate(240hz), although when I am on OBS and I have any more than 60 FPS my OBS and stream lag like crazy. Is there a way to fix this? Or do have to play a 60 FPS?
  9. J

    No Sources Box

    I am new to PC as well as OBS, and i want to start streaming and I looked up a few YouTube videos on OBS and how to set it up, and every video I watched had the sources box in it. I also wanted to mute out the Xbox app so my friends wouldn't hear themselves if I was talking to them and they...
  10. F

    Question / Help Having problems with desktop audio PLEASE HELP

    I'm trying to record my d&d sessions using obs. The audio for my mic is fine but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to record my players. I keep trying different things to adjust the audio,but nothing seems to be working. It doesn't pick up any other sounds. No music, no vices. It...
  11. M

    Question / Help Help, I don't know how to save clips!

    Hello, I am still really new to this software, and i'm not sure how to save clips, like .mp4, and flv. I took about an hour trying to find out how to save the videos to my hard drive. Log File: Thanks, MyCatBushpie
  12. B

    Question / Help Recorded a video in obs, game audio works on all platforms but voice recording only seems to play in windows media player

    Recorded a video in obs, game audio works on all platforms but voice recording only seems to play in windows media player. I am new to obs so I'm still learning, I followed a youtube tutorial to set things up but after uploading it to youtube there is only game audio and none from my microphone...