1. R

    Pick up muted Discord microphone

    I'm pretty new to OBS and cannot figure something out that unfortunately seems to be a pretty uncommon problem. My boyfriend and I would like to stream together, but we're close enough to each other irl that we can hear each other talk. We however do wanna use two mics to get the best possible...
  2. R

    Can OBS call Behringer x-air to Mute/Unmute mics?

    I know OBS Studio can call PTZ Optics camera presets via HTTP. Can OBS call Behringer x-air to Mute/Unmute mics?
  3. norihiro

    Mute Filter 0.3.0

    Introduction This is a simple plugin to mute audio of a source. Even though a user muted a source in the mixer of OBS Studio, the source sometimes triggers OBS Studio to add more audio buffers. adding 21 milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now 85 milliseconds (source...
  4. TeoSausto

    Obs with external audio

    Hi, I have an obs instance on a Manjaro Linux machine. I use a rtsp camera and USB audio device. When I start obs clicking the icon, all good and the audio works. Anyway, I need to start obs on crontab with the --startstreaming command. In that case, the audio doesn't works. I use the follow...
  5. A

    OBS Lua Automatic Mute 2023-01-04

    OBS script for muting/unmuting audio sources when specific scenes are transitioned to/from. An unlimited number of scenes can be selected and one audio source. This is exceptionally useful if you want to mute/unmute a microphone when transitioning to/from a video Usage Download this script...
  6. R

    Audio Random Muting Help Please!

    Log file attached random muting during stream is this a known bug? Not hitting key-binds.
  7. B

    Automatischer Mute der Desktop Audio Schleife

    Hi Leute, ich habe momentan das Problem dass sich wenn ich ein Game Streame oder aufnehme, die Desktop Audio Schleife automatisch manchmal muted wenn ich aus Obs raustabe. Wisst ihr warum?
  8. L

    Newbie question 1 - Start scene with only Image and Media sources but records my microphone audio input ... Normal ? Best practices ?

    Hello there OBS Forum ! Today is my first OBS day and I have lots to learn and discover, so there will be lots of questions are here's the first one : - I have a "Start" scene with only "Image" and "Media" as sources; but it also records my microphone audio input. --> Is this normal ? --> Is...
  9. S

    Obs doesn't record sound anymore

    For some reason OBS doesn't record any sound. IT doesn't detect desktop audio or any of my output devices and I don't know what the cause of this is. log file
  10. K

    How do I go about keeping the sound off before a livestream?

    Hello, I stream on twitch every now and then and have just started using OBS. I always have a thing up before the stream starts to let people come in but I don't know how to turn the sound off during this time. I'm not sure if I should mute my mic manually or if I can even do that, but if there...
  11. D

    OBS Python Mute Indicator v1.0.0

    This is a Python script for OBS Studio that tracks the 'mute' state of an audio source. When the source is muted or unmuted, the script sends that state as a string over serial to a microcontroller to set a physical indicator. Version 1.0.0 includes the microcontroller (Arduino) code for three...
  12. L

    Question / Help spotify stops playing when i open obs

    i'm not even trying to stream or anything. just trying to listen to music while i record. whenever i open obs spotify goes mute, and when i close obs i can hear it again. can someone help me fix this issue?
  13. cdtommy

    Question / Help OBS mutes Desktop Audio when mic is activated

    Don't know why this is happening, but whenever OBS activates my headset mic, all the sound through my headset is muted. I've done the Sound -> Communications -> When Windows Detects Microphone nonsense also tried messing with all the settings that Realtek would let me mess with. I honestly...
  14. O

    Question / Help Need to record system sound when speakers are muted

    I would like to record audio only from a webcast in Chrome. I have no devices plugged into my laptop, and I am using my laptop speakers. I am running Windows 10. I would like to have the recording volume independent of the speakers, so that I can turn down or mute the speakers but still record...
  15. codemann8

    [Solved] Desktop Audio per Scene

    Currently, the Desktop Audio is a global entity. So if you wanted to have Desktop Audio muted while in your BRB scene, you have to manually mute the global Desktop Audio and then unmute it when you come back. This should definitely be something that can be controlled on a per scene instance...
  16. E

    Question / Help Delaying "push-to-mute" delays release only, not attack

    Hi there, First off, here's a log: I've set up push-to-mute in OBS Studio to allow me to clear my throat while live streaming (unfortunately a very frequent occurrence). However, I've noticed the timing is off. When pushing to mute, it cuts my...