multi adapter compatability

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    2 GPU bug

    Hello! I have two GPUs (0: 2070 S, 1: 1050 Ti). If the primary monitor is one that is connected to GPU 1 and I start OBS then it will render the OBS image. If I start a recording and card 0 is checked to have NVNEC encode the video, card 1 will still perform this task.
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    iPad Pro inconsistent signal

    I am trying to connect my iPad Pro (4th gen) to OBS via the Apple USB-C - HDMI adapter and the Elgato HD60 S. I can sometimes get it to connect for a few seconds at most, but it inevitably drops and gives me "no signal". I have tried FIVE different adapters now, and all of them have given me...
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    OBS Black Screen Fix (AMD)

    Note: This thread is aimed primarily at fixing black screens for AMD Laptop users and also Multi-Adapter Graphics Laptop Thingies. Basically, your device has a lot of graphics cards. Ok. So a while ago I used OBS and it worked fine. No black screen, no OBS (Oh this is so B*llShit) moments, no...