muffled audio

  1. M

    My voice on OBS is muffled and has static

    I use a headset mic when I stream and I've had complaints that my voice is muffled and there is a lot of static. I've tried lots of stuff I found online but noting world. If someone knows a solution it would be great. My log: I have a recording...
  2. S

    Audio/mic muffled, not picking up

    Hello, I just got this new headset that comes with a mic for my laptop and I've looked up a ton of tutorials and none of them seem to help me fix my microphone and audio issues. Every time I try to record a game to see if my mic worked it either comes out muffled or it plays a loud noise and it...
  3. V

    Muffled sound on recording. And only good when audio driver is turned off. Possibly a bug.

    I am tinkering here for more then 6 hours already and i am extremely frustrated and exhausted. In detail: I spent alot of time trying all the types of settings, a billon of googling. And nothing worked, no matter the OBS/Windows settings the sound is...
  4. Y

    Muffled-ish Audio When Watching Twitch Stream VODs

    Hi all, I've been having this issue for a while now. I noticed when I go through some of my Twitch VODs, the audio sounds really pale? or just muffled in comparison to how I hear it as I play games. I was wondering if this is normal or if there's something else involved? I've been trying to...
  5. Quinlo

    OBS muffled audio

    When recording desktop audio it sounds muffled. The audio itself is in good quality it's just sounds as if a muffled filter has been placed over it. The mic seems fine too.
  6. H

    obs sound muffled

    After I record a video or clip, I play it back and the audio sounds unnatural or muffled. My OBS outputs in a mp4 file type. I have tried the enhanced audio thing and changing my settings but nothing seems to work. I don't know how to fix it and it sounds really bad. If anyone has any questions...
  7. T

    Question / Help Ingame Sound is muffled and has bad quality

    Hey Guys, The Ingame sound while streaming is muffled, but i hear it clear. In the VODs and live the sound is supressed and sounds terrible.... And i have to say that my mic sound is good Here is the log: Im new to OBS :/ Best Greetings
  8. C

    Question / Help Almost no audio being heard from my mic during streams

    My audio from my past couple streams are super muffled and weren't before. Im sure it's a simple fix but people with headphones say im good while others, including myself, hear very low voice while the capture card audio is excellent. Please help, here's links to the last two streams...
  9. W

    Bug Report I'm also having issues with muffled/underwater sounding audio!

    So I've been trying to fix this for days. I used OBS perfectly well on my old laptop to record clips for videos and the audio always came out pristine but now I'm getting this issue on my new PC. This isn't a microphone issue, I just use Audacity to record mic audio (Which works fine and isn't...