mouse sensitivity issue

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    Mouse Sensitivty

    When ever I launch OBS my mouse sensitivity feels like its different and i have no clue why. Log -
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    Bug Report Mouse is slow down if i start obs

    Hello, my mouse is slow if i start obs and start a stream :/ My PC specs: - Intel I7-7700 4.2ghz -Gtx 1080ti 11gb MSI -16gb ram -MSI Z270 Mainboard The log file: I hope you guys can help me :D
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    Question / Help Mouse Sensitivity Issue

    Whenever I am playing Fortnite and want to either Stream or Record something I click on OBS and my Mouse Sensitivity instantly drops a lot. I have tried creating a new scene collection and using just a display capture (game capture crashes my games if I use it) and I can't seem to find a fix. I...