mouse cursor

  1. G

    OBS causing cursor to disappear while in fullscreen/borderless window application

    Whenever OBS is open and I am tabbed into a full screen or border less window application my mouse cursor will disappear from the monitor but not from the recording. when I tab out of the application my mouse cursor shows back up but the moment i click into the application it disappears again...
  2. R

    WIN11 mouse cursor disappears in preview once "display capture" or "window capture" is added

    Hi, I'm new here. just downloaded the newest ver of OBS on my new device and found out this problem when i tried to adjust the size of the preview window. so basically, OBS can capture my mouse cursor in the video (with the "capture cursor" option checked), but I cannot see the cursor within...
  3. F

    my mouse freezes every 3 seconds while recording

    logs: when i start recording my cursor freezes every 3 seconds. here's some footage of it (i included cpu and RAM percentage from task manager + my obs settings): I don't think its mouse's fault...
  4. P

    Mouse cursor is not capturing in window capture

    I was trying to record Blender software using window capture. But the mouse is not showing in the window, but the mouse can be seen in all other capturing method. I like to use the window capturing method, so that the other screens won't be recorded if I switch the window. I tried tweaking the...
  5. N

    Mouse cursor invisible when it is a text cursor (display capture & writing code)

    I am recording tutorials and do streaming on game development but whatever I try mouse cursor becomes invisible to OBS when it changes to a text cursor hovering over the code. It is visible when capturing the window but not when capturing the display.
  6. lcalder

    OBS 26.2 Win10 Ease of Access mouse size changes not captured by window capture

    I use Win10 Ease of Access to change my mouse arrow size and color. OBS 25 was able to capture this with window capture, but OBS 26 always ouputs a default small, white mouse cursor arrow to the stream. On OBS 26 and above, now the only way to correctly transmit my modified cursor size/color is...