m1 pro

  1. I

    Random unexpected quits (M1 Pro Macbook Pro, Sonoma 14.1.1)

    Error report (copied into Github Gist) Any suggestions? I was simply streaming a test screenshare from OBS to YouTube. I am meant to be live streaming a concert tomorrow and don't want random quits like this.
  2. S

    M1 Pro vd M1 Max

    Hi! I’m using OBS for professional purposes and need I’m looking for a new, steady and reliable Mac to buy. I’m currently using an old Intel MacBook Pro 16” from like 2018/2019 something and I’m on the hunt for a new M1 computer. Due to budget restrictions I can only go for a MacBook Pro 16”...
  3. andrews54757

    Hardware Encoder on M1 Pro Overloads Horrifically

    The hardware encoder on M1 Pro using OBS 27.1.3 is not performing well. Recording using the base resolution of the screen (3024x1964), the hardware encoder will overload just by drag-shaking the OBS window rapidly with nothing else running at the same time. There are many dropped frames in the...