lunar client

  1. V

    The screen is too Wide (Minecraft)

    Hello! Whenever I open OBS to record Minecraft, the footage is too big for the window, so I have to scale it and morph it until it looks like in the attached image. However, the rectangle in the attached image looks very bad. Is there any way I can fix this? (Image attached shows you what I mean)
  2. Impafara09

    OBS Glitches out Lunar Client

    Whenever I try to use lunar client (for 1.8) and OBS together, the game gets really laggy. On top of that, pieces of the game start glitching out and acting weird. I don't know why its happening but it makes the game unplayable. this happens with Stream labs as well. This didn't happen on my 8...
  3. Miist

    OBS Black Screen When Using Lunar Client

    Whenever I record a video playing on Lunar Client using OBS, there will always be a black screen for some sort of reason. I am on Windows 10, drivers and OBS are up to date, and I am playing on full screen. I don't like using a maximized windowed screen when playing Minecraft on Lunar Client so...
  4. C

    Minecraft (1.8+) Crashes When Using OBS

    Whenever the screen is captured when OBS and Minecraft are open, Minecraft will immediately crash. I use Lunar Client and this only occurs on 1.8+. It works perfectly for 1.8. It always happens immediately after, not a minute or a few minutes. I don't have to click record, it's just whenever the...
  5. L

    Minecraft Fullscreen Wonky

    Hi there, My Lunar Client is wonky whenever i try and go fullscreen while streaming/recording. Im not very good at this stuff so if anybody could help me that'd be great. My discord is Lore#7175 if anyone can help?
  6. O

    Game feels like 30 fps while OBS is open

    This is my first forum post so I'm sorry for any mistakes. I'm trying to record Minecraft, and so, I open up OBS and it's like all the motion blur is gone. It's like the screen is tearing, it feels extremely rough. I feel like my PC is not the problem (5600 XT, Ryzen 5 3600). The screen tearing...