low end

  1. G

    Game Lagging While Recording

    i plz need hlp with this, when i dint record games, i usally get 150-200fps but when i record, it bumps it down to 30-60 frames. but the recording is worse, its fine untill i open the game, in the recording it like switces to one frame then waits 5 seconds then switches to the next, and it keeps...
  2. S

    Settings for low-end laptop!!

    Hey guys, I need help to setup OBS for my low-end laptop (Lenovo Ideapad L3) I tried to mess up with the settings myself but that didn't seem to work, cs:go was lagging and unplayable and when I opened the video I recorded it was very bad. These are my laptop's specs: 1)Intel core i3 10110u (2...
  3. JohnyC_Giant

    Streaming settings for mid end laptop

    Hi, i have a mid end HP Probook 450 G4 (exact specs are below) I started streaming not to long ago(I manly play osu! wich is quite inportant to not have any fps drops). I Would appreciate if you guys can help me to get the best settings for my laptop to run the stream and my game super fluentely...
  4. NeuralCreeper

    OBS Settings for Low-End

    What settings do I use to not get choppy footage and smooth gameplay? https://obsproject.com/logs/rJzH_UZSzKsmR6LA
  5. Hard Corps

    OBS FPS drop on output video

    I recently tried to record my gameplay using OBS on my low end PC. I use an AMD A4-9125 Radeon R3, 4 Compute Cores 2C+2G 2.30 GHz with 4GB RAM on 64bit operating system and x64 based processor. I'm trying to record my Minecraft Windows 10 Edition gameplay. When I play it didn't lag but when I...
  6. K

    Question / Help Help needed with Low End PC Settings for 64bitsOBS

    So i wanted to start streaming some MOBA games like SMITE and LOL, also wanted to stream CS:GO. My PC in my opinion is a low end PC since the NVIDIA Graphics Card is a outdated version. PC Specs: Intel Core i3; NVIDIA GeForce GT 720; 8GB RAM; The following images are my OBS settings, they...
  7. D

    Question / Help Best Settings for Low-end PC.

    I have a PC with very low specs. It has a 2.00GHz Intel i3-5005u processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500, 4Gb RAM and 64-bit system. I want to record and not stream my game. So, I request anyone to tell me the settings that can give me a lag-free gaming and recording experience. Note: The...
  8. AlPlayz

    Question / Help What Are The Recommended Stream Settings For My Low End PC

    Hi guys just wandering, i want to start streaming however my stream always lags, can you tell me what are the recommended settings for my low end PC Specs Intel i5 6300U (2.5Ghz) Intel HD Graphics 520 (256MB VRAM) 8GB RAM