low end pc

  1. TomikaaKiraly

    Obs blurry video

    Hello guys. I have a problem vith obs. If I record a video with it, it will be blurry. I tried increase the bitrate, but it doesn't help. I have a low end pc, but according to chatgpt, if I increase the bitrate, it should work. So I decided, I write my pc specifications, and my obs settings...
  2. M

    OBS Recording Output is Insanely Laggy

    Hello Everyone! I've Just Installed OBS for Minecraft Recording but When I tried recording, It was Insanely Laggy. When I was recording, the PC was working smooth but when I saw the output, the output was INSANELY LAGGY even when I am not running any program in the background. Can somebody help...
  3. Antinity

    Performance issues with my laptop, and request for a good config.

    I have experienced a lot of performance issues with OBS studio. First, I'd like to tell you my laptop specifications. CPU - Intel i5-8420U Inbuilt GPU (runs display) - Intel UHD 620 GPU (default for running games) - NVIDIA GeForce MX130 (Mobility) RAM - 8 GB I face a lot of lag in games like...
  4. D

    What are the best settings for long recording sessions at 3840x1920 on a GTX 1050?

    I've got a... sub optimal PC for being a content creator but it's all I got right now. It has an i7 9th generation, 32GB DDR4 and a GTX 1050. I (try to) use the "Markiplier method" of recording YouTube videos. I do long recording sessions (avg 1-2 hr) and I've never been able to actually post...
  5. Errorbot

    Encoding Overload Removing VAST Chunks of My Recording, What Do I Do?

    For the longest time, I have not used OBS. This is because my laptop's specs are abysmal and I could not find any way to optimize it (like I did with Minecraft.) Because of that, I used FBX as it would be really good for low-end pcs. Sadly, I have found out that does pose not allow you to record...
  6. frenchfryguy

    Best Settings for my low end pc

    So I want to record minecraft at 720p 48fps or better ( I have done it before) but some days my recording is smooth and some days it is not. My specs: AMD Athlon Silver 3050U with Radeon Graphics @ 2.30 GHz 4.00 GB (3.42 GB usable) x64 system...
  7. S

    Jitter Effect When FPS Drops During Recording

    The priority of OBS is high, and my fps is okayish but I get this weird stuttery jitter effect that makes the recording hard to watch (effect happens 20 seconds in when the battle starts) https://youtu.be/qzc_V60wdoQ tutorial video (for setting viewing purposes)...
  8. R

    what are my best obs settings?

    I mostly record minecraft but I get the encoding overloaded message everytime. Output Mode Advanced Encoder: NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (NEW) Rate Control: CQP, Level 13, keyframe 0, Preset Quality, Profile main, No look-ahead and Psycho Visual Tuning. GPU 0, Max B-Frames 0. Video: Base 1920x1080...
  9. A

    Best Settings for Low-end pc

    hi, I have a PC with very low specs: and a4 4000 gtx 750 4gb ram can i stream(just lol) with these specs? and what the best settings?
  10. E

    Need help setting up obs for proper stream without any encoding overloads..

    Hi, I'm trying to stop encoding overloads from happening on my pc while playing gta v. I'm streaming at 720p at 60fps and have a bitrate of 4500 I'm also using the hardware (AMD) or gpu for a encoder. I'll provide pcs specs here: I'm running a rx580 gpu with a intel core i5-3570k cpu @3.40ghz...
  11. M

    Low End Laptop settings for obs

    Hi, I am using a laptop to stream in facebook gaming but it gets laggy mid way of the stream i have record and stream turn on at the same time. I am using apowermirror to stream mobile games. I need help for the best settings MY LAPTOP SPECS ARE intel i5 4th gen 8gb ram Intel hd graphics 4gb...
  12. Sonnyyyyy


    What settings shall I use to record Minecraft in good quality with these specs? Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Ram: 4GB 64 bit Not sure what else I'm supposed to put? https://prnt.sc/vn2fgs