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    lines on screen (stuttering?)

    I'm really new to OBS, but I've spent hours trying to figure out what's going on and I've followed all the steps I can find. I'll post all the specs I can think of. Video of it happening. My OBS log, computer specs, and capture card specs are attached. The only issue I know for sure is that...
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    OBS recordings sometimes have glitchy, red or blue lines all over them.

    here is the log file: the screenshot is from an emulator i was recording, but it does this for actual PC games, as well as console. It seems random, doesn't even depend on the length of the recording or anything. I only have one monitor and i record...
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    When I am in captured window I see yellow lines on screen.

    I am running OBS. Then selecting window to capture and when I am on this window I see yellow lines. I am sending photo in files. In this screen lines may be hard to see. I showed them with using drawing. Maybe it's any option in settings but I can't find it if it is option. It's really annoing...
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    Question / Help Random lines everywhere on window

    What the hell is this? How do I fix it? Ty
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    Question / Help OBS Flickers Upon Opening the Program

    As soon as I open the OBS program on my mac the program flickers lines before I can even touch anything. Most forums I've looked at are to do with flickering happening when you start streaming but mine is as soon as I open the program. I have the latest update