1. C

    Record audio without keeping it on

    Hey everyone. I'm new with this program and I'm using it to record university lessons when I don't have time to listen to them. There's just one thing that annoys me, though, which is the fact that in order to make the PC audio audible in the recordings, I have to keep it on in my pc, so if I'm...
  2. drewbsn

    Seeking consultant/obs 1on1 lesson

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of audio settings mostly to check my work. I've used the forums and youtube videos but have gotten as far as I want to go with untargeted info. I'm no longer solving stuff with simple searches. Going Obs to Zoom as well as OBS to...
  3. P

    Question / Help Setting up for teaching music

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the OBS world so pardon my newbie questions. I'm not sure how to word this for a proper search so I will ask here if I can. I would like to use OBS for teaching music remotely. My ideal setup would be a split screen on my end for face and close up for hand positions &...