1. S

    Start lagging the stream in games!

    Good day to everyone. This problem appeared relatively recently, as soon as I started streaming on valorant and noticed strong lags in the broadcast, although this was not the case before. I thought it was a valorant issue and started waiting for fixes. After a while, the flow started to lag...
  2. dankoooo:)


    I'm trying to stream via xbox and capture card. But when I move, I have pixels. I have 400/400 internet. So a bitrate of 6k is fine. I have an encoder on gpu and everything I found should be ok. But it's not, my capture card can do 1080p up to 240 fps. I really don't know what to try and I...
  3. E

    When I alt+tab from cs:go my obs instantly crashing

    I start streamimg cs:go and when I try to alt+tab its instanly crash. My preview in obs just lag and bitrate get down from 6000 to 0 immediately. PC start laging too, but when i close obs everything is go normal. If i just play and do not use alt+tab stream go normal. Can some one help me...