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    Video recordings laggy?

    everytime im done recording and check the footage the footage is all laggy, why is that? is there a fix to it? i have a dell latitude 3410 (yes i know the laptop has bad specs) but it can run a solid 60 fps on Valve's source games when recording, is there any way to fix this? if im missing...
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    Laggy video

    I've been trying to record videos, but despite having a good pc with a rtx 3070, the output videos of obs are, even if I just record my desktop, very laggy or stuttering. Can anyone help me ? also, if needed, here is my obs log:
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    Stream lag on high-end pc

    Hi! I created an account for this reason only, I started streaming on twitch about a month ago. I started streaming IDV but when I try to stream other games the stream lags and ends. I followed a few guides on how to fix it, now I can start the games but it lags a lot. My game doesn't lag at...
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    Encoding Lag Only in Recordings

    Hi all, For the past few months, I've been having a lot of trouble with recordings. This is because every time I record, I drop frames randomly. More specifically, from encoding lag. This only happens in recordings, though - never streams. If anyone could help me I would very much appreciate...