1. J

    OBS browser resources not showing.

    For some reason after I launched OBS today, none of the browser resources showed on the preview screen or the stream (not even the default one with the blue screen and the OBS logo), when a couple days ago everything worked just fine. I've tried everything, enabling and disabling the browser...

    "Video Capture Device" source not working.

    As the titel is telling, I can't setup my video capture devices. When I try to open the Properties of my devices OBS is opening the window but this windows is crashing all the time, before I can setup everything. I tried to delete the devices and made new sources but it still keeps all the time...
  3. W

    Extremely choppy recordings

    To start, I record only. I've done a short test recording, about 50 seconds and posted to to an unlisted YouTube video. This has never been an issue. I've tried chaning the qualty from indistuisiable to high quality. changing the encoder from HEVC to software x264 and regular x264. Not...
  4. B

    OBS skipped frames con 15 minutos de delay!!!

    Hello I often play a game that I need this delay. The OBS is perfectly configured in 936p quality with 60fps. NVENC encoder with High profile. When I put the delay of 15 minutes at the time to be doing live starts to skip frames. I have 1GB symmetric internet and a very good computer.
  5. pavanscoding

    Menu Bar and Screen not Showing

    I was trying to use OBS Studio to display my screen, but it wasn't working. There is also no menu bar which is another issue that I am having. I was hoping that you guys can help me fix it. Thanks!! I am also using KDE Neon.
  6. J

    Screen Stutter every 5 seconds

    (OBS 26.0.2) HELP Stutter in both the Preview screen and Recordings/Streams. While stating 60fps both in-game and in OBS. every 5-6 seconds stutters/frame skips even while not Recording/Streaming or playing a game. -Windows 10/ Intel i7 CPU/ Nvidia GTX 1060sc GPU/ -Recording 1080p 60fps on...
  7. C

    Cannot delete mp4 file created by Obs remux

    I recorded a video using the mkv format and had remuxing enabled so I could more easily alter it in Premiere Pro. I didnt like the video so stopped recording and deleted the mkv recording, fine. But the mp4 version it made of the file will not delete. I've tried to delete it by dragging the...
  8. vivichan

    Frames dropped even with stable internet

    Hey guys, so I've been recently having problems with dropped frames on OBS. My connection status seems to be great since both upload and download speed are stable and I can access internet without any issues at all. Even went live on youtube with just webcam on YT Studio. What can be the...
  9. E

    Question / Help Fit to fullscreen

    Hello, So , i had an old monitor 1028x1024 60 - 75 hz , I have recorded some gameplays of some games and everything went good i rescalled the video to be on 1920x1080 so the black bars won't appear and i decided to make a change got a new monitor , that is bigger , and i can finally use...