1. B

    Looking for recommendations for IP Camera Streaming

    Hi everyone, Newbie here and a noob at OBS Studio as well. :( I am seeking for some recommendations to fix a couple of problems that we have while streaming with OBS. Firstly, we use IP Cameras (not sure which build) that are wide-angled because the ceiling is not so high. So the video always...
  2. islam2222

    Using OBS to capture multiple USB camera streams connected to raspberry Pi 4.

    Hi I was wondering what is the correct way to capture multiple USB cameras streams connected to a Raspberry Pi and the raspberry is connected to the laptop using an ethernet cable. I want to stream the output of the cameras in an OBS scene.
  3. I

    Stream from outdor IP camera to my website

    Hello, I have several IP cameras in different cities and I would like to share the streaming on my website using OBS studio, possibly without going through youtube. Basically what I want to do is: IP camera streaming -> OBS studio -> My website IP cameras do not have static IPs but can work...
  4. B

    Known-good IP camera was fine as OBS Media Source, then mysteriously stopped working.

    I have an IP camera that's an old Android 4.4 phone running the "IP Webcam" app (IP Webcam - Apps on Google Play). The Android app is rock-steady, and its output is accessible on all my PCs by multiple programs, and also on my phone. For several weeks it has worked reliably as an OBS Media...
  5. F

    Additional URL for media source

    Hello. I have 4 IP cameras as media sources. Does it make sense to add the "URL for preview" field to the source settings or does the preview not overload the CPU? The preview URL will be of lower quality than the main URL.
  6. M

    Question / Help ip camera input

    Hello, I'm new in obs, I need to buy two ip camera , anyone have used it? models and brand favorite for the Obs software Mac? thanks a lot, best regards