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    Question / Help Recordings are super choppy. Please help.

    Hey, I'm relatively new to both the PC world and the recording world. I've been trying to record games and when I go to edit them, they're super choppy and bad recordings all together. I've looked around and did some research, and I'm still having issues. My specs: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 16gb ram...
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    Question / Help Minecraft isn't working with OBS!

    Every time i try recording Minecraft (keep in mind i'm using the latest version of OBS), OBS makes it go from (not responding) to responding, and won't let me play. I tried even adding the whole "activate Open GL" so it would work with it. But i can't get Open GL for rendering (i don't know how...
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    Question / Help I dont know what i did and it created 2 split screens on my obs and i want it to be 1

    Why does my obs have 2 screens when before it was 1 this litteraly made my recording fps Slower by 90% idk how to stop this madness help plz