1. Harjas01

    HTTP request on stream stop

    I am using obs to stream to a rtmps server. I was wondering is there a way to make a HTTP request to my server when i click the stop stream button. I also want to include the stream key that was being user in the request so that my server can execute some custom logic. I searched for webhooks...
  2. H

    Fetch specific text from a website into text obs

    Welcome I have a webpage with information that changes daily I'd like to get the text from the website to the obs and type it into the text within the stream I searched a lot for how to fetch the text and couldn't find This is the website link...
  3. boop_xyz

    Best Route to Handle API Scripting

    What would be the best course of action with scripting? I am making calls to an API and getting that data and displaying it I had these ideas: 1. I do all of the scripting in OBS python, make API call, update the text sources, and repeat this every second 2. I have an external application...
  4. tt2468

    Free obs-websocket-http | Interact with obs-websocket 5.x using HTTP requests v1

    obs-websocket-http is a simple program which connects to an obs-websocket server and spawns an HTTP server which can be used to perform requests. See more details over at the README
  5. YorVeX

    Free xObsSimpleHttpControl - Simple HTTP/URL control for OBS v1.1

    D̲e̲s̲c̲r̲i̲p̲t̲i̲o̲n̲ This tool acts as a simple HTTP gateway to the obs-websocket interface. The idea is that more tools can trigger simple HTTP interfaces instead of opening a websocket connection and sending JSON. Also from user perspective it's easier to use, because formatting URL query...
  6. B

    Known-good IP camera was fine as OBS Media Source, then mysteriously stopped working.

    I have an IP camera that's an old Android 4.4 phone running the "IP Webcam" app (IP Webcam - Apps on Google Play). The Android app is rock-steady, and its output is accessible on all my PCs by multiple programs, and also on my phone. For several weeks it has worked reliably as an OBS Media...
  7. T

    Stream to a website I have created from a different device

    I have cloned a twitch clone using a git repository : This is using rtmp server to stream on my local host using obs. I am planing to make changes and host this on a server. How do I stream on the website using obs ? Urgent please help
  8. A

    OBS and PTZOptics NDI PTZ Camera

    I am trying to set up OBS Studio to use a PTZOptics NDI PTZ camera for my church. I have six presets set up in the camera. I am using the HTTP URL's that PTZOptics provides and putting them into each scene for each of the presets. For example, for preset number 1 (my wideshot), I have a "PTZ...
  9. miubi

    Bug Report http stream appears(just a snap) and stops in preview, streaming to youtube fails

    Hi, I am trying to stream a IP Cam which streams over http i was successful in streaming it in my browser i was successful in streaming it in my vlc player i was not able to stream it in obs , why so, here below are my steps the preview streams only the snap of it and there no streaming...