hdr to sdr

  1. P

    HDR to SDR doesn't work (washed out), and what I already tried

    English is not my first language, but I will write the best I can. Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by. My situation I have an HDR monitor and play games in HDR. I stream on Twitch (I know Twitch doesn't support HDR). When I play a HDR game, the game looks washed out (example), but...
  2. K

    HDR Window Capture looking fine in Properties and Filters, but low contrast on actual Preview/Output

    Hi everyone, I'm running into an oddly specific issue. I want to enjoy playing Destiny 2 in HDR while streaming it in SDR to twitch. Sadly, because of their weird anti-cheat, the game cannot be captured using Game Capture, and forces us to use either Window Capture or Display Capture.... Now...
  3. Saturn2888

    HDR tone mapped to SDR randomly

    When playing Aces & Adventures in HDR using Special K v22.9.6, OBS v28.0.1 will properly display it in HDR, but after a few seconds, it will start tone mapping the game to SDR. The game capture is already in Rec. 2100 (PQ): I tried a bunch of different settings, and it seems like hiding and...