hdmi / usb

  1. M

    OBS not working

    I need help here!! Ok so basically what I want to do is connect my Nintendo switch to my MacBook Air, I bought a HDMI capture card and downloaded obs. when I connected everything nothing would show up, the word “device” would light up from red to white indicating it was connected but the screen...
  2. I

    How to connect my dslr camera to laptop

    Hello guys, Please i have been trying on how i can connect my dslr/camcorder cameras to my laptop to project my camera view to live. (Church project to facebook stream live) The cameras has mini hdmi output and also AV output. Can someone who has successfully set this up before tell me how...
  3. X

    HDMI Capture audio isn't working as excepted

    I'm using OBS to record old family movies. I got a new HDMI capture device via USB. The OBS recognize, and I record great, but in last days, I was check the records and in the sound, I hear my self in the room, since the microphone was open. I try to mute all audio input and keep the HDMI...
  4. N

    USB Video Camera Audio

    Hi, First post, first thread, 7 days of OBS and connecting cameras - be kind ... So, I'm needing a webcam that allows external mic input. I bought a cheapy (80 Euros) on Amazon, connects via USB, video no problem. But doesn't seem to be sending any audio to OBS Studio - audio bar is there but...
  5. BenOnOBS

    Glitches while capturing my Camera

    Hello, When I capture my camera (HDMI to USB through a video capture adapter) I have glitches while recording. And thoses glitches are also viewable when I play the video file created. My CPU usage is around ~6% ~10% when recording. Here is my log file...
  6. KateLibC

    Question / Help Issues with audio cutting out from HDMI capture during stream

    I am running the most recent version of OBS (25.0.8) for macOS and am running into an unusual problem where the audio from my USB 3.0 HDMI capture device (AverMedia Live Gamer Ultra) just simply cuts out at some point while streaming. To make matters more bizarre is that the audio mixer show...
  7. B

    Question / Help capture cable desktop from hdmi cable entering da obs by usb Is it possible?

    Is it possible to capture another computer's desktop through an HDMI / USB cable with OBS? Thank you all