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    Newbie problem connecting youtube

    My first day - OBS 26 downloaded, youtube channel works if I stream direct webcam. Stream Service set to "YouTube - RTMP", server Primary, Stream Key cut and pasted from a youtube studio session. OBS hangs "connecting" when I try to "start streaming". A few errors visible in the log, not sure...
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    Bug Report Editing scenes/sources in menus CRASHES FULL SYSTEM (Kubuntu, OBS 24.0.3)

    I'm experiencing full system crashes/freeze/hang after going through any of the scenes/sources editing menus for a short period. To reproduce, for me -Open OBS -Add scenes and sources -Edit scenes and sources -After a short while of editing, full system hangs (unresponsive to keystrokes, mouse...
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    Question / Help Logitech c920 hanging

    As the title states i have a Logitech c920 webcam and in the preview area the cam lags/freezes for a few seconds then resumes. I have tried everything i can think of to get rid of the lagging cam. I don't want to be live and have my webcam lower the quality from hanging like it is. I am looking...