h264 encoder crash

  1. _deak

    Obs studio crashes when I try to record with h264

    Hello, can anybody tell me why can't I make OBS work with h264 encodig? OBS shows an alert telling that it couldn't start the outuput. That if I am using NVENC orAMD, I shuolud make sure that my drivers are up do date, and they are. Im not interested in recording with X264, I need to use h264...
  2. Z

    AMD H264 Encoder overloading while mid stream! Please help!

    Stream crashes while using Amd's encoder on obs 30-60 minutes into the stream whereas while using x264 I haven't faced any problems with the encoder overloading. But while using H264 even if i follow the prescribed procedures to reduce output res and frame values it still crashes while streaming...