1. 238samixd

    Browser source cannot display videos/gifs/canvas on localhost

    Hello, I am creating a layout for stream with some animations. I tested it all on my firefox browser and it all was fine but when I try to use browser in the OBS, it displays all html besides video, canvas, image with a gif source (other work fine). Then I realised it could be a chromium error...
  2. koala

    OBS Lua Animated gif Creator 1.00

    This script will start an external ffmpeg to extract a section of the recorded video and export this as animated gif or mp4/webm video snippet. If you want to export a small section of your capture area as an animated gif or to some small video snippet in general, this is for you. You mark the...
  3. I

    Problema con la reproduccion de archivos Gifs

    buenas, el problema que tengo es que cuando creo mis propios gifs en el obs no se reproducen, osea, se quedan estaticos en su 1er fotograma, si descargo alguno de internet no tengo problemas. ya probe con diferentes editores de gifs y siempre lo mismo. sera algun problema en particular en el...
  4. HowlingCoder

    Semi-free HC-Boards 1.0.2

    What can HC-Boards do? To put it short HC-Boards allows you to assign effects to several keyboard shortcuts. Enrich your stream with memes, reactions, notifications, and much more! A single keypress is enough! Link media from websites directly or Use your local files Global shortcuts...
  5. K

    Question / Help Gif image not working in slideshow

    Hello everyone! Im sorry, if that problem was solwed, but i cant find some threads about this. I have problem with gifs in slideshow mode. After first slide, just stopped, with any settings. They have less then 250mb and similar resolution. I'm have not idea how to fix that.
  6. dsjasonh

    Question / Help OBS Studio Consume tons of Memories when load GIF into the senescence

    LOG File : ____________________________________________________________________________ I want to use GIF with alpha channel. But some how I find that OBS will consume tons of memories when doing it. In my case, I have the original MOV file and the...
  7. Q

    Question / Help No-Loop .GIF Playback with Live-Refresh?

    This is my first post on this forum, so feel free to let me know if I'm in the wrong spot! :) I am currently developing an application that renders an animation to a .GIF file. The entire image is not animated every time, but rather an individual component is animated over a static frame. This...