Question / Help No-Loop .GIF Playback with Live-Refresh?

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This is my first post on this forum, so feel free to let me know if I'm in the wrong spot! :)

I am currently developing an application that renders an animation to a .GIF file. The entire image is not animated every time, but rather an individual component is animated over a static frame. This animation is infrequently rendered. You can think about an animated digital clock with hours and minutes. Every minute the application would render the animation of the minute change to a .GIF such that between updates, the image should remain at its last state.

I would like to have this image displayed on an OBS stream, but have run into a problem. I cannot seem to get the .GIF to remain on the last frame AND to restart playback when the image file is uploaded. It is worth noting that a Media Source does allow to not loop the GIF, but will only update on file-change if it's set to loop.

TLDR: How can I get OBS to display a non-looping .GIF AND restart the .GIF playback when the file changes?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!