game crashing

  1. M

    Running OBS keeps crashing my game

    I'm unsure why, but running OBS completely crashes my minecraft. I've tried playing around with combatability settings however nothing is working. How can i fix this as it wasn't an issue before?
  2. T

    Uninstall RealSense Source plugin?

    I re-installed OBS with the RealSense Source plugin and ever since then my game (Dragon Age: Origins) keeps crashing. Is there any way to uninstall this plugin?
  3. CaliberPlex

    OBS is causing a game to crash

    I've used OBS for over a year or two now and have never had any technical problems with the application until now. Basically when I run the game Deep Rock Galactic with OBS running along side it, the game will just close after a few seconds. Without OBS it runs perfectly fine, but shortly after...