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    Missing frequencies in desktop audio recording

    Hello, I'm encountering a problem with desktop audio recording while trying to record a game. The sound itself is mostly fine, but higher and lower frequencies are completely cut out from the recording. I've tried countless things, changing the recording frequency and even the frequency of my...
  2. M

    high frequency noise when recording only

    hi guys, registered just for this cuz i cant bear it anymore in recordings (and only in recordings, its fine with streams) i will always get weird high frequency beeps on the right side of my headphones. ive asked multiple people if they can hear it too but apparently they cant. but i can, and...
  3. G

    Give me a method how frequency band setting Please

    I want to output a frequency of 16KHz or more. but i have only 15.5KHz or less. So Please tell me how to output frequencies above 16KHz