1. anarthriagalumphed

    my obs scene froze and my cursor on the video game disappear

    so today I want to start live streaming like usual, I open my obs, and my game, in this case, is Valorant, so my obs show black video or freezing image, and then my cursor on valorant is gone, disappears, but if I close my obs my cursor is back, I've been trying to restart my computer but same...
  2. J

    Stream Freezes Whenever I Alt + Tab from app

    As the title states, when I stream and open any game, it ends up freezing if I alt + tab. I'm not sure what to do because even when I had gone to the analyzer, it only stated that I was on Windows 10 and that's all. Here is my most recent obs log
  3. M

    Skipping Frames while recording ingame

    Hello everyone I have a problem where my games are skipping frames as soon as I start OBS. There are no skipped frames in the recording, it's the game itself. Tried everything like lower the bitrate / lower my game graphics but nothing really worked out for me. I also tried every encoder i...
  4. T

    Freezing facecam

    Hello everyone i would like to ask you that why my camera(only mycamera) keeps freezing after installing an RTX3080 zotac trinity with a fresh driver installation(i used DDU for installing the new drivers). Even if im trying to record myself without opening a game still freezes. When i had...