1. NamVT

    My OBS is freezing my programs

    Hello! I am new to these things and I've been encountering this problem not long ago, it's been happening from a week ago This is the logs for this day: I don't know that much of the program so I would like some help to fix this. Thank you!
  2. G

    Camera freeze in obs

    Hi, sorry if my english it is not correct, im from Argentina. I use obs to stream in twitch. Yesterday i had an issue. I was streaming, everything was working great, when i realized that my camera got freezed. The game and everything on the screen was great, the issue was only the camera. I hope...
  3. T

    Bug Report Browser Source Freezes During Stream

    Hi, so I have a computer to run a stream 24/7. However, at random times, all my browser sources freeze. I have a countdown timer (using a website), and a sub-counter. If there is a way to fix it please let me know. Thanks! Latest Log File: