frame rate issues

  1. T

    Fixing Video Stutter, is Frame Rate the Problem?

    I'm using a Canon R6 connected to my iMac M3 with a Cam Link 4K. I'm using OBS 30.0.2. In OBS my frame rate is set to 30fps (1920x1080), but the camera is set to 29.97fps (30fps isn't an option). I notice that the video sometimes stutters or lags a tiny bit every so often during a livestream...
  2. zachattack12

    Frame drops in the preview window when using a Capture card.

    Hello, I use an Elgato HD60 Pro internal capture card to stream and record console games for my youtube channel But I'm having frame drops in the preview window. The reason I think the problem may be OBS and not the card itself is that the TV I use to hear the game sound during...
  3. L

    Frame Rate Drops Horrifically Only When Streaming Warzone (Playing On PS5 Using Elgato HD60S+)

    Hi guys and girls, so I stream quite a bit on my PS5 using the Elgato HD60s+ capture card. All of my streams have been absolutely perfect but whenever I stream Warzone my viewers get a really choppy version of what I'm playing. It's fine on my screen, but when it runs through OBS it looks...