frame freeze

  1. C

    Black Screen or stuff on a single frame all the time and not sure how to fix

    I'm not sure if theres an easy fix for this but i havent really used obs much in the past and on my laptop it worked well but now that ive swithced toa new pc its been causing problems all the time until at one point it just stopped working, at least for game captures Can anyone help me out...
  2. L

    Frame drop 2023 Helppppp?
  3. J

    Frame Rate goes out of Sync

    Game runs 100% perfectly smooth but recording/ stream stutters the framerate of the game goes out of sync with obs, this happends quite randomly and periodically, and length of that period is non consistent and so are intervals between it. The game can be running completely fine for long period...
  4. D

    Question/Help My Replay buffer/render works weird

    So when i try to clip replay buffer it sometimes works perfectly but most of the times my clip is ruined because video is just like 1 frame for 10 seconds(audio is fine). My settings: My specs: 1660 Super, i-5 10400F, 16gb Ram I always...
  5. J

    stream in pixely and frame freezes

    So im streaming on twitch at 1080p 60fps with Lanczos , im using x264 as if i use nvenc ts just super laggy, CBR at 6000 bitrate, 2 keyframe intervals and the faster preset the quality isnt too bad its smooth however every like 5 mins till just randomly freeze frame for secound or two everything...