follow alerts

  1. M

    Fixing my Follower Alert

    Hey, I just started streaming via OBS and set up my alertbox via a tutorial on YT. Like enabling the alerts on streamlabs and set all my alerts up there. I copied the link in a new browser source in my scene and then started running tests. My issue now is that every alert is working. Like...
  2. Sheeplip

    Free PyCarto 2.1.0

    PyCarto A small software to get your last followers of his Picarto channel. Download PycartoFollowers How to get my permissions ? First of all, to use the software, you will need to authorize your account to access the Picarto server. To do this: 1. Go to the API tab in the "setting" page...
  3. Z

    New To OBS

    I'm completely new to OBS... so please ignore my ignorance! Just wanna know how to turn off a stream in Facebook live once it I am done...? Also how to turn off webcam and everything to avoid the dreaded mistake of forgetting to turn off the stream and accidentally picking my nose (not gonna do...