1. I

    Different output folder & canvas size on different scenes

    I would like to be able to have my recordings saved in different folders automatically, currently it all goes on the big heap of recordings. I would also like an option to set the canvas size of a scene, so I can make normal and short Youtube videos. Thank you! Irom Typo
  2. R

    How to set a custom folder for remuxed videos?

    I wanted to put my recorded videos in one folder and the remuxed ones in another. Is this possible to do? How?
  3. D

    Scene Tree Folder plugin for OBS Studio 0.1.5

    Scene Tree Folder plugin for OBS Studio Plugin for OBS that adds a scene tree folder dock. Can be used to organize scenes into a folder structure. Installation Arch Linux Available via the obs-scene-tree-view-git AUR package: pikaur -S obs-scene-tree-view-git Windows Visit Releases and...
  4. Psebcool

    Ability to create sub-folders among sources

    For better sources management, like this : Thanks !
  5. K

    OBS doesn't see the VST plugins or folder.

    I can't find a folder where you can add VST 2. x plugins, I searched all possible paths that I found on the Internet, VstPlugins from FL Studio has a folder, but obs does not see it(although I found it on the laptop the first time).Can you tell me how I can view or assign a folder myself?
  6. P

    Is there any way to get OBS to create a new folder for each date

    Rather than have all of my recordings go into one folder for me to then manually sort through, is there any way for OBS to create a new folder each day (that I record something)
  7. P

    Question / Help Change location of Plugin Folder

    Hi there, is it possible to change the location of the plugin folder in the portable version of OBS? I've got two OBS installations. A normal one and the portable one. I want to share the plugin folder between these two installations but I want to keep the settings and scenes seperated. Thx in...
  8. R

    Feature in SLOBS That OBS Doesn't Have But Should

    Having folders for soucers in the Streamlabs OBS client is not just a simple implementation of a concept for the sake of organization. When people make professional looking streams they can have dozens and dozens of sources. And editing them in real time in the OBS client can seriously hinder...