filter problem

  1. B

    Filters & Audio Not Saving Between Scenes

    I read the other posts on this topic but the suggested fixes are not working. :( I use OBS to stream live classes. I need to switch between filters and audio depending on the scene. In scene #1 I use desktop audio. In scene #2 I use mic audio. I created a 2nd profile for the 2nd audio needs...
  2. D

    Filters from media source does not correctly carry over to Mix/Aux

    As the title say, for some reason when I use media source to see what filters I need on an unfiltered video, the same filters makes the audio when recording awful: The noise gate cuts almost everything and other filters twists my voice in weird ways. I'm not sure if this is due to me using a...
  3. bartuela

    Bug report on scroll filter and text files

    If I apply a vertical scroll to a Text resource pointing a file with more than 33 (behaviour is consistent only with this amount) consecutive line feeds, the text disappears and do not get rendered. OBS 26.0.2 Linux Steps to reproduce: Create a scene with a text resource pointing a text file...
  4. A

    Filter crash issue

    Hey guys, everytime I try to delete a scene filter, OBS crashes.... I have some plugins installed, so I´m afraid I have to delete some of them but I dont know where´s the problem :( Crash log file: Register log file...