1. R

    Experiencing EXTREME LAG while recording Resident Evil 8: Village, and only RE8: Village

    This has been an ongoing issue for months. About 4 or 5 actually. It has completely halted my channel and my ability to finish recording the series. I'm able to record any other game just fine with the same OBS settings. I'm able to stream on both YouTube & Twitch just fine with no issues. The...
  2. Y

    Question / Help Using a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme capture card with OBS - Black Screen/No Video Signal

    Hey guys, I'm trying to stream on OBS using a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme thunderbolt 2 capture box (I know it's very old)... OBS recognizes the device, but I can't get video to show up in the monitor window... I am trying a bunch of various cheap cameras... GoPros, a Canon 70d and an...
  3. SugarTSenpai

    Question / Help AverMedia LGX (GC550) FPS problem.

    I guess I'll try my best to spell out what I know., my problem is as follows: I have OBS Studio set to output 60fps, my capture card (LGX) I usually set to match or highest FPS with the resolution to match what the console is outputting. Though, for some reason, It will not capture my PS2 via...