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    Corporate Live Stream Help - Complex Scenario.

    This would be simple if I wasn't being asked to do it over zoom so people from field offices can be called upon. So plan was virtual camera to zoom but the issue with that is the audio. Computer 1: Running OBS, and broadcasting the main feed to zoom with master audio mix. Computer 2: Running...
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    Streamlabs alerts default in obs

    For some reason when I customize my alerts in streamlabs (desktop) such as the audio and test the follow on streamlabs, the audio plays fine onto my obs. However, when I open the "Events" tab on obs and test a follow from there, the audio is back to the default following audio. It also plays the...
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    Live Poll / Quiz

    Hello, I am looking for a quiz plugin to take quizzes and online surveys with SMS or connected directly with an account? Is there a plugin or a website that offers a kind of service for OBS?