1. A

    High Encoding Lag out of nowhere

    I had been using OBS to record in 180FPS 1440p since August of this year (2022), and it had been working perfectly fine, I was able to get 1 hour recordings without a problem in the same 180FPS 1440p settings. However, since the last two updates, everytime I press Start Replay Buffer, my...
  2. Paras1404

    It shows Stopping Recording once stop is pressed, so When I paused/unpaused it and then stopped recording, I think the recording is corrupt

    So basically I was recording a Valorant Gameplay, I had a plugin installed which allows to record all audio seperately, so my concern is I wanna know whatever I'm doing with OBS, is it too much for my pc to handle ? I've Uploaded both logs from today (idk which one was needed to be uploaded)...
  3. Domenicoakatdg

    Question / Help Even going back trought past editions of OBS doesn't help when you are dealing with no possible encoding (or similar result) with the VP9/opus! -HELP-

    Utilized version of the software for the sake of writing this post and report the problem: Mainly OBS 25.0.8 (installed from the .exe file) but also the others mentioned in the text...