elgato wavelink

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    OBS and Wave link software compatibility issues

    I have been having a rather unique issue with wave link software and OBS software. I had everything set up, all audio inputs in the wave link software connected to a different app. Music, browser, game and voice all were connected and working fine in OBS. I did a stream and all audio was...
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    OBS Sound verzerrt

    Hallo zusammen. Ich habe seit einiger folgendes Problem: Sobald OBS aufnimmt, ist alles Soundtechnisch verzerrt. Voicechats sind so schlimm, dass man den Gesprächspartner gar nicht hört. Im Spiel (bsp. F1 2022) ist der Sound so schlecht, dass man nur kratzende Motorengeräusche wahrnimmt, die...
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    Very strange Lags and crashes on complete System

    Hi, since 2 Weeks i have MASSIVE problems on my computer and OBS is the origin of that i guess. When i am streaming - out of the sudden OBS stoppes and crashes the PC in 99 %. Only not in that cases when i can open fast enough the Task Manager to stopp the process to close OBS. This...
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    Elgato Wavelink set up with Noise Gate

    I watched the video on how to set up Elgato Wavelink with OBS on Elgato's Youtube channel. However, I use a noise gate filter for my mic, but it applies the noise gate to all sounds coming from my Elgato Wavelink software. I'd like to know how to seperate my mic with a noise gate filter from my...