el gato

  1. S

    Question about Elgato 4k60 Pro Mk 2

    My issue is that if i don't set a framerate cap in a game the stream lags heavy although to me the games runs great. I have dealt with this so far by just playing games at 60fps since stream cant see higher than that anyway. But I have a 3080 ti and I really would like to play with the...
  2. J

    Haven't used HD60S in a long time, suddenly no capture.

    I Plugged in HD60 S again after maybe about a year to record some gameplay but out of nowhere it just doesn't seem to be capturing anything. This hasn't happened before and I've tried multiple solutions I found on Youtube such as: Updating my driver, updating OBS, Toggling the power management...
  3. B

    Set up help!

    I need help setting up my stream. I currently have an Elgato HD60 Pro installed into my HP Omen 870-224 PC. I am running 2 different monitors (1 PC) with OBS. I have Astro A20s with the hdmi converter. I cannot figure out how to get my stream to work so that my chat can hear all the audio (me...
  4. amberplaster

    26.1.0 update issue: not recognizing capture card?

    hi! New here. Please let me know if I'm doing this wrong. I'll try to give you all the info I have. Okay, so on 12/15 I updated my OBS to 26.1.0 before streaming live on twitch. It caused some crashes at first. Then I shut everything down, turned everything back on again. The PS4 video feed...
  5. G

    Question / Help Preview stuttering (El Gato HD60 S)

    Hello I'm having a bit of trouble with OBS stuttering for a couple seconds while in preview using the El Gato HD60 S which was recently purchased like 2 days ago to capture some Nintendo Switch gameplay (even before hitting record/streaming) and then while playing a game, the preview may...
  6. Z

    Question / Help Having audio desync when using elgato and Ps4

    I am having a slight desync in the audio while streaming. I am using the elgato and a PS4. I have disabled time-stamps on my mic, and webcam. Anyone know of any fixes for this problem? Sorry for no log file, I am currently at work.
  7. C

    Question / Help OBS Not Working With ElGato Game capture for PS2.

    Hello all, I am currently having an issue with the ElGato capture card and my PS2. When I open the El Gato Software I can see the screen of the playstation 2 where it says browser and whatnot. But when I open the El Gato source in OBS it simply says No signal... Any fixes or thoughts? Thanks.