1. Synergist

    Yadif x2 frame double deinterlace stops after a while?

    I have a setup where I'm capturing an interlaced source inside OBS from a capture card, applying a filter to do double Yadif deinterlacing (producing 50 progressive frames from the 25i source) then sending over NDI within OBS, as well as producing an audio only NDI source with the audio effect...
  2. SgtKamato

    Question / Help Double Audio after some minutes of streaming

    Hey guys, I have the problem that i got double audio after some streaming. My main audio device and my microphone goes both double audio. Idk why... Can anyone help me? Im little frustrated because of that... -.- €dit: And i have since some days the problem that OBS has micro lags all 5...
  3. E

    Question / Help Audio echo or something like tgat

    Hello,dear OBS community!My friend is streaming from a lomg time and from 1 week he has an audio echo on his stream like his friend sounds doubled and his game sounds doubled when he shoots and builds and destructing.So i will be glad if you can help him :) Here is video how its sounds like ...
  4. M

    Question / Help obs activates media on key release. stutter

    hello i am trying to use a media source in obs so that when ever i press a specific key it activates a short .mov file. however it activates when the key is initially pressed and when the key is released. so whenever i go to press the key to activate the .mov file it looks like it stutters on...
  5. A

    Question / Help Double mic input? Xbox -> Elgato -> OBS -> Twitch

    BACKGORUND: Not sure what is happening. Normally, when I stream a console game through Elgato and OBS (specifically, streamlabs OBS) It's completely fine. My brother came to visit and we decided to capture his perspective for once, so now my Elgato is connected to his Xbox and desktop, meaning...
  6. A

    Question / Help OBS doubles dekstop audio

    Ok so i've used OBS for quite some time I love it. However I just got a new PC and i'm having some trouble as to recording audio. I've never had this issue before and haven't found anything online so hopefully someone can fix this. My desktop audio has two tracks in one. All my output sources...