distorted audio

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    High-Pitch Volume

    I was trying to record a video by recording my screen in-game but after I was done, I watched the video and noticed that the audio from the recording was a higher pitch than it was in reality. It is kind of like the sound was distorted or underwater which is unusual. If you know what is causing...
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    Distorted Audio When i Use Elgato Sound Capture and Sometime Video Choppy

    Hello I am new user of OBS I try to record my gameplay (just record) I use dual pc record I connect to PC use Elgato HD60 S+ To make output audio into my record pc i use Elgato Sound Capture When i use that software my audio got distorted, sometime the sound goes after video. I got choppy on...
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    Distorted Audio In OBS

    I am having audio issues in OBS. Nothing I do fixes this issue. I am recording on the hyperxquadcast microphone and I hear other people talk just fine. Nothing I do makes it sound any different. Here is an example of what my audio sounds like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1aw2fR99Ig&t=32s I...